Here you can meet beauty, high quality, and services that only Royal Industry can offer.

ROYAL INDUSTRY is supported by four pillars, which are technology, management, quality, and consultation.

ROYAL INDUSTORY’s unique technology provides
fine physical properties,  beauty,  and excellent quality.

Customer’s needs have been further diversified (e.g.there have been recent needs for printing on soft or hard plastic sheets, fabrication insertion films, melamine graphic foils, transfer films, and in-mold transfer films). It is not too much to say that their needs have been further complicated and upgraded as well. In order to respond to these needs exactly, ROYAL INDUSTRY is always in pursuit of the latest technology without being satisfied with the present technology, and trying to offer high-quality products supported by its original knou-how. ROYAL INDUSTRY’s attitude has never changed since its establishement.

Quality check

Relible finished quality in response to the needs of the times.

ROYAL INDUSTRY is working toward the establishment of an organization that stably provides high-quality products. In response to the diversified needs of customers, ROYAL INDUSTRY has been making improvement in product development along with printing and processing technologies, supported by the installation of substantial inspection equipment. ROYAL INDUSTRY will further make efforts in pursuit of the stabilization, betterment, and more reliability of the quality of both hardware and software.