Provision of beauty is our end.

Printing on plastics colorfully and beautifully, just as printing on papers. This has been the greatest mission to which ROYAL INDUSTRY has dedicated since its establishment. As a pioneer in the industry, we have always invested efforts in the development of decorative printing technology with the spirit of challenge.

Our greatest advantage is, above all, the cutting-edge technology flexibly applied to meet the diverse needs of the market, and the accumulation of methods and know-how. With these, we can provide comprehensive solutions to the need of our customers.

Our technology is not only applied to achieve the best quality of products in appearance and performance but also to enable small lot production and to "green" the manufacturing environment.All these achievements are the fruit of our endeavor to comply flexibly with the need of our customers.

In the future, we will seek new business deplopment in the global area, with further development of decorative technology on plastics etc. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.