We boast state-of-art facilities, backbone of ever-evolving technology.

What is presntly required from ROYAL INDUSTRY is not only improvement in technology but also the realization on higher product precision and quality. In order to respond positively to the diversified needs of customers and increase the mass productivity of the company, ROYAL INDUSTRY introduces a variety of facilities and promotes technical innovation.

Printing Facilities

10-color photogravure rotary press 2units
8-color photogravure rotary press 1unit
Multi-color silk rotary press 4units
Multi-coater 2units
Gravure-coater 2units
Offset sheet-feed press 3units
Photogravure sheet-feed press 2units
Coating printing press 1unit
Roll-to-roll drier 1unit
10-color photogravure rotary press
Multi-color silk rotary press
Offset sheet-feed proof press

Plate Making Facilities

Color Scanner 1unit
CTP 1unit
Automatic film processor 3units
Full-automatic photocomposing machine 1unit
Image setter 1unit
Automatic offset proof press 1unit
Macintosh 1set
Resin plate making machine 1set

Processing Facilities

Impregnator 1unit
Laminating machine 3units
Slitter 4units
Cutting machine 4units
Punching machine 5units
Drier 8units
Print drier 2units
Automatic packing machine 2units
Inspection machine 9units
Single-sheet inspection machine 14units
Winder 1units
Automatic sheet cutting machine 1unit
Adhesive roller 1unit
Slitter dust cleaner 3units
Printed Web Inspection System
Inspection machine for all types of sheet